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S Tech Optic Series

S Tech Optic Series

Trasparent Optical
Grade IMM

Professional molding car lighting, light-guide bar, thick lens and provide mold and molding solutions


Application Scopes

Special molding for thick-wall products of PMMA, PC, ABS and products with shape of complex irregular bar. Suitable for molding transparent optical products with wall thickness 3-70mm, and precise optical products which require strictly for the surface. Precise optical molding, suitable for products like LED lens, light guide bars of cars, and civil LED lighting.

Focus on seeking better injection molding solution

Special IMM for optical plastic products adopting top alloy optical grade screw plasticizing technology, for optical materials like PMMA, PC using precise and high pressure injection, and ultra-low speed stable filling, aided by synchronous and asynchronous compression sequence thermal technology, and with long time table pressure holding, machine can produce thick complex irregular optical products.

Product characteristics: No shrink mark, no jet mark and no weld mark surface, stable dimension, no bubble and no shrink inner.

Recently years in China, the passenger car year’s sales is increasing rapidly. Car illuminating light is gradually being replaced by LED or lase illumination, which can be more efficient molding and more easier intelligent control. The popularity rate of light guide bar is 90% in Europe. Daytime running light is already written is Europe regulations. We believe China trend will be the same. If considering the accumulative car parc, repairing market, refitting market and dealer inventory, annual need will be more than 22 million in recently years. But in China, car factory is almost empty for car light optical parts, the market is monopolized by Europe enterprises.

Now BESTON already supplied transparent optical series IMM and solutions to some foreign and domestic car parts manufacturers and has gained their acceptance. BESTON has gathered rich experience of molding solutions, which will be more widely used in the future.

Plastic light guide parts are widely used in car tail lamp and headlight design. For the parts which can’t or hard to be made by glass, using injection molding not only can easily meet kindly of optical design, but also make the process more environmental and efficient. And it endows the designers more free in design, which makes car aesthetics and humanity reach a new height. BESTON already gained the invention patent for IMM of transparent optical parts. With legal technology, the production will be more guaranteed in commercial activity.


Master core technology, be pioneer of the industry

Equipping high capacity CPU to reserve fast mold change system, remote internet monitor and managing system for users. And can equip sensors for injection pressure and molding filling to precisely control all kinds of complex molding conditions.

More advanced technology applications focusing on performance, for example, flexible screw connection device, molding heat-insulation board and magnetic board interface, ejector delay function, sequence injection function, rolling bearing supported low inertia slider for changing material and so on.

Original creative motive oil loop design, together with new software and electrical control technology, realized high-response injection and precise control for speed and pressure. Gradient or stable new short time and long-time injection pressure holding technology, efficiently deducts defects like bubble, record mark, vacuum bubble, flow mark and so on.

With low power consumption technology, oil temperature is greatly lowered. Movement loops using independent oil return design, ensures no interference between each movement. Stable loop not only improves production efficiency and qualified rate, but also can improve loop lifetime and deduct managing fee of cooling system. Good hydraulic oil filter for dust, removing device for wear of metal, and visible oil checking window make loop maintenance more reliable and easier.

Serious Europe assembling process ensures machine stable and reliable. Axle sleeve is treated with ultra-low temperature under 100 for assembling, hydraulic parts use thermostatic assembly, together with clean all loop assembly process, all ensure precise and stable running of machine.

Compare with full electrical IMM

  • Thick-wall optical parts molding needs IMM with high-injection pressure and large range of pressure adjustment. BESTON optical series IMM injection pressure can reach highest 4000bar. It ensures the optical microscopic surface of the parts has highly consistent microscopic shape with the mold. But high pressure is very easily to broke or shortening lifetime of the ball screw in full electrical machine. Equipping high pressure function is also suitable for “PVT” process to molding thick-wall optical parts.

  • Molding thick-wall optical parts requests good low speed stability for IMM. BESTON optical series IMM can reach lowest 0.1mm/s, which ensures high precision and high reproducibility, and avoid defects like record mark, flow mark and so on. But when full electrical machine working, with speed lower than 2mm/s, because of structure principle defects in servo motor. It can’t perform stable molding of thick-wall precise parts. Record mark and shear velocity fluctuations during injection is the natural enemy of optical parts molding.

  • Molding thick-wall parts request IMM with good stability of long time pressure holding. BESTON optical series IMM pressure holding time can reach more than 600s with no defects of bubbles and shrink marks But when full electrical machine holding time reach more than 60s, it will accelerate the damage of lead screw and motor until the machine can’t meet the request of time holding.

Core Technology

  • Vacuum plasticizing technology*, can greatly lower material’s drying requirement. It ensure no bubble, gas mark during molding. And because of reducing the contract between material and oxygen in the air, it greatly lowers the decomposition discoloration. This technology is especially suitable for high quality molding and heat sensitive materials.
  • Adopt level two incremental injection technology*, for ultra heavy products molding, can choose double level injection system to realize high capacity precise injection.
  • Injection unit adopts linear guide rail together with low inertia lock technology, controlling injection end point precisely and making precise molding easier.
  • Clamping supports adopts “V” type center to balance clamping unit. It can lengthen the mold precision and lifetime more than 30%. This contruction also improves connecting rod length and effectively improves cycle efficiency.
  • With rich experience of applications and researching technology, can provide customers with all-around technology support.
  • Adopt ultra-high pressure stabilization technology, the highest injection pressure can reach 4000bar, pressure deviation is less than 1 bar.
  • Adopt ultra-lower speed stabilization technology, the lowest controllable speed can reach 0.1mm/s.*
  • Adopt special high-tech material, optical grade screw plasticizing technology, can stop material decomposition to yellowing, fogging and blackening.
  • Adopt grouping sequence temperature control technology, multi-cavity mold can produce high quality products even with Pin point gate and cold runner.
  • Adopt Synchronous compression and layer injection technology*, BESTON provide much more convenience for producing thick wall and high complex products.
  • Precise multistage control of back pressure, ensure stable and high quality molding.
  • Hunger type of plasticizing technology, ensure more smooth exhaust and better quality production.
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