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PS Tech Series

PS Tech Series

Servo Series

We are well aware of that it is our demand to produce a high capability system and energy saving is our responsability


For pursuing more excellent operating performance and promoting the flexibility and stability, BESTON cooperates with European KEBA and develop K1000/2000 miniature computer controller. The controller is adopting 400M high speed CPU, which can equip with semi-closed or full-closed oil pressure system. With personality graphic operation interface, curve on-line testing function and central network connection management, ample SPC quality management interface, it is absolutely the best tool to make profit.

High strength clamping unit  ensures  the precision of mould locking

  • High strength optimal box-type platen can ensure the mould get balance force, inject without flash and extend the life of mould.
  • Big platen and ultra-long opening stroke can install big precise mold.
  • Fast clamping can improve the production efficiency.
  • Micro-speed of opening mould performance can significantly improve stability of product our of mould.
  • Motion control modules with a high computer processor can fast move without impact and significantly extend the lives of machine and mould.
  • Adopt the high-grade durability cooper alloy bearings and programmable central lubrication system controlled by computer not only save the lubricant, but make lubrication more reliable, machine more durable.

Excellent injection performance

  • With the ultra-low injection speed can get lower speed stability than all-electric injection molding machine, more suited to the task of forming thick-walled high-precision optical products, such as Projector lens, Large-scale acrylic jewelry and etc.
  • High response injection performance, standard mode can be up to 51ms, brake response time can achieve 29ms.
  • Superior performance of pressure is different from principle of general Variable Frequency Drive Servo Motor, can move and stop freely and be able to easily meet the “long time holding pressure under high-pressure” performance.
  • Through the special control principle can achieve precise measurement control. Injection weight deviation can be up to 2%.
  • Precise PID temperature control, the precision of it can be up to +/-0.5 degrees.
  • Accordance with the needs can set 8 stages injection, 4 stages holding pressure, 3 stages plasticizing function.
  • Holding pressure function can optionally choose position, pressure and time. Debugging technics is easier and more convenient.
  • BESTON special linear guide rail injection structure (PS-TECH2200 and above specifications adopt high precise single cylinder injection structure), it can keep well-proportioned low machinery frictional in the process of injection and melting plastics, can make the plasticizing process more steady and high precision repeatability.

PS-TECH series is the classical masterpiece of European BESTON INTERNATIONAL GROUP LTD.

It is not only precise but also energy saving. This series injection molding machine adopts European advanced high response servo drive controller to drive synchronized servomotor. The precision of response can reach to 51ms. By using BESTON low inertia injection structure with 400M precise injection controller system. It is easy to inject tiny and precise parts and its power consumption is only 30%-60% of common injection molding machines.

Environmental and precise injection molding machine

  • Precision

    European REXROTH servo driver and synchronous servomotor with European high-performance controller. The response of load speed can rise to 0.051s and decline in 0.029s. Product is more precise, durable and high precise repetition, the error of the products’ weight can be controlled within 3%. Production process is easy to control by the closed loop.

  • Energy Saving

    It can supply hydraulic oil according to the relevant movements speed and needs, put an end to overflow and wastage. At the same time, to ensure high-sensitive pressure of closed-loop. More than 30%-60% power can be saved.

  • High efficiency

    The whole machine move fast and steady, so it can improve the production efficiency.

  • Water saving

    Without overflow heating for power system, oil temperature can be controlled lowly; it can use less hydraulic oil cooling water or even not; save the investment of cooling equipment and our precious water resource.

  • Environmental protection

    Operation with low noise, low energy consumption. Automatically adapt to a +/-20% range of power voltage.

  • Omnipotence

    Precise output, adapt injection speed from 0.1mm/s to 300mm/s. It is very easy to produced thin-walled products, micro-electronic components and thick-walled products.

  • Balanced double injection movement

    Twin cylinder injection system provides deflection and leak proof nozzle and stable injection.

  • Precise linearity guide rail injection structure

    Injection and plasticizing system adopts linear guide rail (2000KN and above specifications adopt single cylinder injection structure). It offers high rigidity and low friction and ensure stable molding condition and more convenient for low viscosity and injection molding for high temperature.

  • Self-lubricating bearing

    Toggle parts adopt self-lubricating bearing, equipped with programmable central lubrication system, so lubrication is reliable and saving.

Ps Tech Series Parameter

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